11 Reasons To Choose Popp Brothers Lumber

1. Best Turnaround Time.
From the time the order is placed to the time it arrives at your loading dock, Popp Brothers Lumber is committed to servicing your order in the quickest time possible. With a dedicated and experienced management and production staff, we have one of the most effective teams out there. You tell us your shipping needs, and we’ll provide your shipping solution in no time at all.

2. Any Size, Any Quantity.
If you are looking to buy wooden pallets or shipping crates, Popp Brothers Lumber has what you need. It’s that simple! Unlike some pallet manufacturers who only have the capability to produce large batch quantities or standard GMA pallets and skids, Popp Brothers Lumber will produce any order size. Whether you need a small batch of custom designed skids or crates, we have you covered!

3. Efficient and Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions.
For years we have been working one on one with our customers to come up with shipping solutions that are within their budgets and needs.  Established relationships with top lumber suppliers and shipping vendors, along with low overhead costs allow us to provide our clients with the most efficient and reasonable solutions in the industry.

4. Custom Design Work.
Need a pallet, crate, or wood skid designed from scratch, or need adjustments to one that is already created? Trust Popp Brothers Lumber to custom design the best product for your shipping needs and your pallet lumber specifications. With certified engineers on staff, we will take into account all aspects necessary for your design and provide you with the most economical and reasonable solution out there.

5. Strong Relationships With Top Lumber Suppliers.
Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we have been able to establish relationships with top lumber suppliers. This allows us to get quality lumber for those “need to fill now” orders. This is especially important in today’s rapidly tightening supply of lumber and materials.

6. In-house Heat Treating Facility.
Do your products get sent over seas? Are tight IPPC Guidelines an issue? They shouldn’t be. With a state-of-the-art in-house heat treating facility, we are able to heat treat any size order no matter how big or small, while greatly reducing the high costs typically associated with heat treated pallets, crates and lumber. As one of the few heat treating pallet facilities in Minnesota, each of our pallets or crates that has gone through the heat treatment process is stamped with the IPPC approved symbol.

7. Ship Pallets Worldwide!
Need your skids or crates shipped anywhere in the United States, Canada, or even over seas? No problem. You tell us where your pallets need to go, and our experienced logistics coordinators will get them there. We pay special attention to those pallets or crates that must fall into IPPC guidelines. We understand that shipping costs are a big business expense. Here at Popp Brothers we try to reduce the expense by working to find you the least expensive shipping solution.

8. Large Warehouse.
We offer a large on-site warehouse over 10,000 square feet in which we can store your order until the appropriate shipment date. Sending your heavy duty wooden pallets or skids straight from the production stage into either our heated or non-heated warehouses helps eliminate common problems such as snow, ice, mold and shrinkage.

9. Pickup and Disposal Service.
Wondering what to do you with your discarded pallets? Utilize our full-service disposal program to pickup and dispose of your discarded pallets, skids, and crates.

10. 100% American Made!
Only quality materials are used to construct each and every heavy duty wooden pallet, skid, and crate. All of our durable pallets, skids, and crates are manufactured in the United States, at our Hutchinson Minnesota Plant.

11. 50+ Years in Business!
We are one of the top experts in the industry – validated by our accreditation with the BBB and 50+ years in business. Simply put – we take care of our customers!