Wood Pallets

Quality wooden pallets are a vital piece of any business’s packaging, shipping, and logistics.  When you need durable wood pallets that are superior at protecting your load, rely on Popp Brother’s Lumber 40+ years of experience to provide you with the quality you are looking for.

Whether you need specialty shipping pallets, standard GMA pallets, heat treated wooden pallets, or custom sized pallets, we pride ourselves in providing you the most cost-effective, efficient packaging and shipping solutions.  We manufacture new pallets that are built to our clients specifications, and can be utilized for any industry or any need.  We also offer a full-service pickup and disposal program for your discarded pallets, crates, or skids.

wood stringer pallet

Stringer Pallet

9 Block Wood Pallet

Block Pallet

Panel Deck Pallet with Wood Top

Panel Deck Pallet

custom size wood pallet

Custom Pallet

Pallet Design

Are you uncertain about your current pallet or wood skid design? Allow us to help you! With a certified package design engineer and industrial experts on staff, Popp Brothers Lumber will work with you to find the most cost-effective and efficient pallet, crate, or wood skid design for your needs.