How IPPC Requirements May Affect Your Business’s Shipping Processes

Extensive regulations and guidelines regulating the solid wood packaging material (SWPM) industry in international trade have become a standard for businesses who ship overseas. Initially, export certification regulations required the heat treatment of only coniferous solid wood packing material (SWPM) for shipments exported from the US to the EU, China, and several other countries. This standard is now applicable to BOTH coniferous (softwood) AND non-coniferous (hardwood) packaging, including dunnage. Both types of wood packaging require either heat-treatment (HT) to 56° C core temperature for 30 minutes or fumigation with methyl bromide (MB.) However, there has been some discussion about eliminating the fumigation with methyl bromide in the future due to environmental concerns.

Utilize the following resources to find more information regarding the guidelines regulating solid wood packaging material (SWPM) in international trade and the implementation of ISPM 15 by the International Plant Protection Committee (IPPC).

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